Kids in the Garden

One of my resolutions this year was to get on top of my garden. It’s quite large so every year it just gets out of hand and the tasks all pile on top of each other. I think I’ve been doing a good job – I’ve taken out all the high-maintenance plants and replaced them with some simpler shrubs, I’ve been looking into Stamped Concrete Patios Massachusetts to replace the worn-down tile patio we currently have and I have been doing little projects whenever I’ve had a chance to. About a week ago I wrote about the container garden project my seven year old son and I were working on. We found an old copper window box and filled with compost in preparation for planting it full of herbs. If you didn’t get a chance to read the first post here is a link to get you there: – stop by and enter the Walmart gift-card giveaway before June 19th!

I knew that we would probably have a problem with little critters eating the leaves, it happens every year, so we also made sure were we had ammunition on hand in the form of Worry Free Insect Spray. The enemy around our garden is the Japanese beetle – last year they ate half the leaves on our morning glories. I like this product for the following reasons:


  • Worry Free Insecticides can be applied throughout the growing season, including right up until the day before harvest to kill “last minute” vegetable garden pests. Initial application should occur at the first sign of insect infestation, preferably before extensive damage and feeding has taken place. The GardenTech Worry Free line even kills insect eggs during the dormant stage.

    * The line is suitable for use in home vegetable and flower gardens, nurseries, home greenhouses and orchards. This includes a wide range of plants: vegetables, fruit trees, garden fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, roses, flowers, shrubs, evergreen and shade trees, and other outdoor plants.

Our next stop was to go out and buy the plants. That’s the fun part if you ask me. We decided on basil, rosemary, cilantro and sage. Then my son got busy planting them – he did a great job too.

Now we need to take care of the plants as they grow, especially with watering them since containers seem to dry out much quicker than plants planted directly in the ground. I will keep an eye out for the enemy critters and use my Worry Free Insecticide spray at the first sign of trouble. By the way it works on most ants too – I have already taken care of quite a few tiny biting ants around our patio. You can find out more about Worry Free by visiting their website .

I think it’s a great idea to involve your kids with planting fruits and vegetables so they have a better understanding of where food comes from. My son loves guacamole, our recipe calls for cilantro so when the time comes he can go out and pick some from his very own garden and then help me make it!


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