Nature Night Event- June 8

Learn about Michigan bats and other nocturnal animals at Oakland County Parks and Recreation’s Nature At Night event on Friday, June 8 at the Lookout Lodge in Waterford Oaks County Park. The program focuses on preservation and protection of bats and their habitats and is made possible by a grant from Critter Catchers.

“Oakland County Parks and Recreation is pleased to receive a grant that allows us to inform residents about Michigan bats,” Education Resources Specialist Kathleen Dougherty said. “Bats and other unique wildlife are often disliked because of misunderstandings and myths. They help control insects and are an essential component of our environment.”

The Organization for Bat Conservation will display live bats, owls and other nocturnal animals at the session. A hike at nightfall in search of bats and other night life in Waterford Oaks will follow the presentation.

The event runs from 7 – 9 p.m. Admission is free.

Lookout Lodge at Waterford Oaks County Park is located at 1712 Scott Lake Road in Waterford.
Program sponsor Critter Catchers provides wildlife control services in southeast Michigan that specialize in the humane removal of bats and other attic pests. To learn more, visit
The Organization for Bat Conservation is a nationally-recognized local nonprofit agency dedicated to preserving and protecting bats and their habitats.
The 13 Oakland County Parks operations are environmentally sensitive to protect the natural world for future generations. Oakland County Parks and Recreation is proud of its leadership in preserving parkland and creating recreational opportunities for Oakland County residents.
For more information on stewardship events, visit or find Oakland County Parks and Recreation on Facebook.

Courtney Lawless

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