Has your child ever been a victim of bullying? If you child has not directly been effected maybe you know some who has been bullied.  It is pretty common these days, comes in many forms, and effects kids of all ages.  I know that my son’s school does a pretty good job of educating the kids about what’s right and wrong when it comes to how to treat your fellow classmates.  Everyday they recite the “pathway to peace” right after the Pledge of the Allegiance.

Here is your chance to ask the expert your questions about bullying.  Tara Michener, the founder of Professionals Against Bullying, along with others, will answer your questions on how to deal with a bully.  You can submit your questions through Wednesday, January 25th.  We’re taking questions here: https://live.freep.com/Event/Reader_QA_Dealing_with_a_bully   The answers will be posted on Friday.

You can also read Tara’s guest column in the Detroit Free Press here she says students would benefit from having a more consistent anti-bullying message in schools.

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