Ditch the Missing Mitten – My Ten Simplifiers for 2012

The New Year is almost here so naturally everyone starts thinking about making resolutions.  Instead of doing that this year I came up with a list of ten things I could do to make my life simpler and less cluttered.  They are easy to do and I’m hoping with little effort I can make an improvement.


  1. Schedule all appointments for the next the 6 months within the first week of January.
  2. Unsubscribe to all the junk emails I receive on a daily basis – most I don’t even open.  This is easily done by scrolling to the bottom of one of the emails and clicking “unsubscribe”.
  3. Writing down all passwords and keeping them in a brightly colored folder some place out of sight.
  4. Clearing out the medicine cabinet of all “severely” expired medicine and re-stocking the ones you use most.
  5. Ditto for the refrigerator, I usually do this every New Years Day – clean out the old stuff you haven’t used and give it a good cleaning.
  6. Sort through your keys and get rid of the ones you no longer use.
  7. Donate or get rid of all the things around the house including small appliances that no longer work.
  8. Clean out my make-up bag and keep only the things I use.  I think I’ll buy a new one that’s see-through so I can tell where things are!
  9. Purge all socks or mittens that have lost their mate.
  10. Clear my recipe folder of all the recipes I have torn out of magazines over the years and have not tried yet.  It is over-flowing.


Leave us a comment if you have any suggestions for making life simpler and more “clutter free”.

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