Nissan is Spreading the Holiday Cheer

How would you like to win a $1,000 Gift Card?  Nissan has rolled out this great campaign called Holiday Quest (read more about it here) and Detroit Mommies was selected to participate in the fun! Several parents from around the country were allowed to drive a Nissan Quest for a few weeks.  In addition to our daily routines, we were also encouraged to use the van to spread holiday cheer in charitable ways.  If that weren’t enough, Nissan also made a donation to a charity of our choice, more on that later.

Well now it’s your turn to get in on the fun!  Nissan presents the #HolidayQuest Twitter party on December 20th at 9:00 p.m (EST) and you’re invited!  The topic of the party will be “Ways that Holiday Quest Participants are Navigating the Holiday Season with the Nissan Quest”.  We will be sharing tips and tricks of surviving the holiday season with our family—while giving back to the community.

Come on out and join the party.  Just tell us how you would use a portion of your gift card (if you won) towards your community—or just participate in the holiday discussion.  You will then be entered to win one of five $1,000 gift cards!  In this economy, that could be a game changer!  Please RSVP here and mark your calendar.

Nissan provided a loan of the Nissan Quest for this program, a gift card for my family as we use the vehicle, and a contribution to a charity of my choice in my community.

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