RelivMargaret Menard is a Detroit mom who has found incredible benefits of the Reliv products, in dealing with her child’s severe seasonal allergies.

Reliv products have been nourishing the world for 23 years – but what about your kids? Are they experiencing the best health they can? It is our responsibility as parents to make sure they do!

During childhood, optimal nutrition is critical to proper growth and development. Unfortunately, many children today don’t receive adequate amounts of key vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.

A quality balanced vitamin/mineral supplement is a simple way to ensure children of all ages receive the nutrients their bodies need at every stage of growth and development. Among the many choices on the market, Reliv Now® for Kids provides an optimal array of vitamins, minerals, soy protein and micronutrients in a great-tasting shake kids love.

Take 13 year old Zoe for an example. In May, Zoe was suffering from seasonal allergies so badly that she wouldn’t go to school because her eyes were so swollen that she was embarrased to be seen. Not to mention she felt horrible. After a couple of days using the Reliv products, her swelling was gone and she is still symptom free. The best part is that she hasn’t had to swallow a single allergy pill since the day she began taking Reliv and she feels great!

Through it’s Kalogris Foundation, Reliv provides nutrition to over 42,000 children and adults at 270 feeding stations throughout the world every day! We give the gift of improved health through our products and the chance to pursue dreams through our business opportunity. Currently, there are opportunities available for full or part-time. These positions have an unlimited income potential and very flexible schedule.

To learn more about Reliv Products and the amazing business opportunity please contact Margaret Menard at 248.535.3078 or

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