Two Thumbs Up for Fyrflyz

Fyrflyz is one of the most fun toys we have come across in a while.  My son has spent countless hours playing with it – his friends fight over it.   It’s made by i-star entertainment and retails for around ten dollars.  It was featured on Regis and Kelly earlier this summer as one of the top new toys.   The package says it is for ages eight and up.


The Fyrfly allows you to create your own lightshow.  It works best after dark – you simply switch it on and start spinning it into a large circle, once you get it going you pull the strings tight and all kinds of fun shapes appear.  The kids love this thing and I have played with a little bit myself.   It takes a minute to get the hang of it but then you can create all kinds of designs by using different movements.  You can also visit the i-star entertainment website for trick ideas:

This would make a great inexpensive birthday gift.  Here is a short video of my seven year old son’s “performance” – he claims to be an expert at flowers, orbits and triangles.  The only bad thing I can thing of about this product is that eventually the battery will run out.


Disclosure:  I received a Fyrflyz (and am glad I did) for review purposes.  All opinions are honest and my own.


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