Great snack for a Labor Day Road Trip or for the Lunch Box

Whenever we plan a road trip I’m in charge of getting snacks and drinks.  I usually get an assortment of drinks, including bottled water along with healthy snacks and some other snacks that are just our favorites.   I have found that it saves money to pack your own and also time.  The start of school is right around the corner and Labor Day is upon us – time to stock up.


One of our favorite snacks is Pringles – it’s amazing to me how fast a family of three can make a canister of Pringles disappear.   They are one of our special treats – the pack a lot of crunch in to those chips.  I like that they come in so many different flavors – including sour cream, barbeque, loaded bake potato and salt and vinegar.  We have never tried the stix or the mult-grain products but I do purchase the grab-go individual package every now and then for lunch boxes.  I have to hide them I the house or they are gone before you know it.


You can visit for links to some Pringles fun on youtube and the link to their summer promotion for making speakers out of a Pringles can.


Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post – just an honest opinion of one of our favorite snack foods



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