Crazy Collage Craft

“I’m bored!”  How many times have you heard that since school has let out?  Well I have heard it a lot and have been trying to come up with some easy crafts to pull out at a moments notice.  Of course I also try to explain that it is not my job to entertain my child every minute of every day.


These collage crazy faces came from a library book called:  I love to collage! by Jennifer Lipsey.  There are many other collage ideas but we liked the idea of the faces made from cut up magazines.  I even did one myself – it is a chance to be creative.

Here is what you will need to create your own:


  1. All kinds of body and facial parts from your old magazines.  You can use human or animal.  We also used other things like candy, fruit, veggies or whatever grabs your attention.
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue Stick
  4. Construction Paper




Once you have your magazine clippings cut out and trimmed just start gluing them to a piece of construction paper.  We did it two ways – the first way was to make the entire face from the magazine clippings. The second way was to use colored construction paper and just cut out the eyes, ears, nose etc… and glue it down.


That’s all there is too it.


My son was laughing while he made his – he loved mixing the human and animal features together.


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