Summer Thirst Quenchers

During the hot summer months we try to stay hydrated.   Some days are so hot we prefer drinking to eating.  While we are a family of tap water drinkers (with ice) and unsweetened ice tea, we drink our share of other products.  My son would have lemonade everyday if I’d let him.  Some days I feel like having a big glass of diet Dr. Pepper with crushed ice, or an iced coffee, but on other days I want something lighter.


That’s where flavored water comes in; while we don’t drink it on a regular basis, we do purchase it a few times a month.  It’s nice and convenient to take with us to the park or in the car.   I usually buy Faygo flavored water that is also carbonated.  It really wakes you up and has a nice light flavor – not too sweet.


We went on a mission to check out the flavored water selection at Walmart, I also needed to pick up some supplies for a birthday party and to look at their grill selection. I made a list first since I have been known to forget to pick up what I needed the most.


My son and I made a quick stop at JoAnne’s Fabric to pick up a few things to make a father’s day craft and then it was on to Walmart via the orange barrel highway!


Once inside Walmart I was surprised at how many different flavored water products they carry – from Gatorade to Vitamin Water to SOBE lifewater to Walmart’s house product.  I noticed several large displays of SOBE right near the front door and another near the check out counter.  Some of the flavor combinations were so creative – how about SOBE lifewater in Yumberry Pomegranate or Black Cherry Dragonfruit.  These two flavors sounded good to me so I bought them both.  They were one dollar each and had zero calories.  I liked both of those features.  I also purchased a carton of Propel Zero, a new product from Gatorade.  I went with the 12 pack of 16 ounce bottles that was priced at $5.98.  Propel Zero is a zero calorie nutrient enhanced water beverage.  I also picked up bottle of MiO – liquid water flavor that you add to your own water.  It comes in a handful of flavors.


For the record, I also picked up a few Daily’s Frozen Margarita foil packets.  The alcohol is already mixed it you just have to freeze them.  They were priced well at $1.97 each.   I’ve had these before and they are pretty good.


The following day we did a taste test.  I personally liked the Propel Zero water over the SOBE lifewater.  Both had zero calories, the Propel had a lighter flavor and wasn’t as sweet as the SOBE.   My husband wasn’t crazy about either.  The MiO liquid had a good flavor and I liked the fact that you could control how many drops you put in your water.


While I like the option of having flavored water every now and then, I prefer a glass of ice cold water right from the tap.  When I purchase flavored water I look for one that doesn’t have a lot of calories and one that isn’t too expensive.  I read the labels on these products and these drinks contain a lot of ingredients that I can’t pronounce – that’s not usually good.   As for my young son – he gets plain water or skim milk, but his special treat drink is lemonade.


Check out my ThisMoment story for more on our trip.


Disclosure:  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  All opinions are honest and my own.

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