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There is nothing worse than going from never having allergies to having year round allergies!  Out of my three girls, one gets terrible allergies year round and the other is on the mild side.  The oldest… allergy free.

photo by Courtney Velasquez

We started having allergy problems after moving from California to Michigan three years ago.  It was so strange to go from never having any problems to full blown allergies, all year round.  I hate having to give my children any medication unless it’s absolutely necessary, but I also hate to see them suffer.  My middle daughter is the one that has allergies year round, just like mom.  We manage her allergies with children’s allergy medication and lots of tissues.


Poor thing gets a stuffy nose and seems miserable.  It seems like I’m helping her blow her little nose all day long making it red and irritated.  I don’t want her to have to miss out on going to the park, playing in the grass and enjoying fresh air and sunshine.  I try to give her allergy medicine to relieve her allergies before things get too miserable and to prevent her from having to go through the misery.

I’ve even tried buying local honey, but that has not seemed to work at preventing the stuffy nose and sinus headaches.

I get the worst sinus headaches ever and instead of a runny nose, my nose is always extremely dry.  It hurts me that she has to deal with allergies, but I am happy there are medications out there for children to help them manage their allergies.

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