Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer’ follows the title character, a Virginia girl who just finished third grade, who’s determined to make this summer the best one yet. She creates a thrill chart so that her and her friends can compete to get the most thrill points; to get points, they must complete the scariest things they can imagine. However, Judy’s plan immediately goes awry when she finds out her best friend Rocky (played by Garrett Ryan) is going to circus camp, and their other best friend, Amy (portrayed by Taylar Hendler), is traveling to Borneo with her mother. Judy becomes even more upset when her parents tell her that they’ll be traveling to California and she’ll be stuck home with her brother Stink (played by Parris Mosteller) and their Aunt Opal (portrayed by Heather Graham), who she doesn’t remember. But Judy is still determined to earn thrill points, despite her other best friend, Frank (played by Preston Bailey), who stayed home with her, seeming less than excited to complete their challenges.

My daughter who is an avid reader and fan of the Judy Moody series, loved this cute movie!  It reaches to a wide range of audiences, even my 6 year old son found it hilarious and entertaining.  He related to the younger brother Stink, while my daughter is already scheming her own ‘thrill chart’ for this summer!   This is a great family film to start your summer off and encourage your kids to read by checking out the entire series of Judy Moody books.

We were given tickets to preview Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer.  My opinions are my own and not persuaded by anyone or anything.

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