Action Packed Cars 2 is Zooming into Town!

CARS 2 is the best 3-D international spy thriller on four wheels!


We had the privilege of catching an early showing of Disney’s Cars 2 Monday night.  WOW!!! – it was a turbo-charged animated delight!  Disney and Pixar have done a great job on this one.


The opening scene showcases British spy roadster, Finn McMissile, and introduces the car combatants:  the junk-heap cars like the “trunk-less” AMC-made Gremlin and the bubbly-windowed Pacer—-against the “green-fueled”, magnifico’, racing car circuit.   Finn McMissile’s array of gadgetry and weaponry is unmatched by the sputtering lemon-car force.  In this scene Finn demonstrates his awesome spider web maneuvering.


The movie’s next scene introduces us to American speed roadster, Lightning McQueen and his bumbling sidekick tow-truck, Mater.  McQueen had decided to take a break from racing when one of his competitors, the flashy Italian Francesco Bernoulli starts trash talking him on a television show hosted by Mel Dorado.  McQueen reluctantly accepts Francesco’s challenge to race in the World Grand Prix.  McQueen decides to show the Italian what he’s made of and brings along his crew on this international adventure.  The crew is soon off to Japan, Italy and finally England.


Shortly after arriving in Japan, Mater unknowingly becomes involved in an international espionage ring – that’s when the adventure really begins.  The special effects are endless and really keep the movie zipping along. One of my favorite scenes involves the newly recruited Mater using an array of tow truck “spy” disguises.


The movies exceptional street level, ground shaking animation will make this flick great entertainment for the whole family.  The only thing missing in the racing scenes is the smell of fuel.  I think the 3-D version is definitely the way to go on this one.

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CARS 2 races into theatres everywhere in Disney Digital 3D and IMAX 3D today, June 24th!

I was given tickets to a pre-screening of Cars 2 by Disney.  All opinions stated above are my own and not influenced by anyone or anything.


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