25 Tips for Having a Great Garage Sale

The spring and summer months are peak time for holding a garage sale.  If you are planning on having a garage sale any time soon, read on for some tips on having a successful one.

1. Give yourself a few weeks to prepare

2. Clean the items you plan on selling, it will sell better

3. Put Price Tags on all items – customers prefer it this way.  Put the price tag in clear sight so they don’t have to lift the item or turn it over.

4. Check with your city for any special rules regarding garage sales and yard sales

5. Pick a good day – Thursday through Saturday are the most popular.  We have a garage sale every 3 or 4 years and always hold it the weekend of a local art festival when the population increases dramatically.

6. Take advantage of Craiglist for free advertising.   Try to add pictures of some of the bigger items you will be selling.   Make sure to include your address.  State that it is a cash only sale.

7. It’s up to you – but I don’t allow early birds, it’s not fair to the people that were courtesy enough to follow your advertised timeframe.

8. Check with the neighbors to see if they are interested in having sales the same day.  More people with show up if there are multiple sales.

9. Make some good signs to post at the end of your street – balloons always grab attention.  Drive by them to make sure you can read them.

10. Price things reasonable – if you mark them too high they won’t sell.    Most customers will want to negotiate on prices so be prepared for that.

11. If you have items that you think are too good for a garage sale try selling them on ebay first.

12. Try to find the instruction manuals for items you are selling.

13. If you have pets – keep them away from customers (preferably indoors).

14. Set up your space so that there is room for people to get between tables and move around easily.

15. Make sure you have big supply of bags and boxes for packing up purchases.

16. Have plenty of change (rolls of quarters and a lot of $1 bills).

17. Keep your money on your body – do not have a box of money sitting out to tempt someone.

18, Try not to come down on price the first day.

19. If you’re selling any electrical items (small appliances) try to have an outlet that they can be tested on.  Don’t let anyone in your house though – maybe run an extension cord if you don’t have an outdoor outlet.  If you can’t do that mark the item stating whether it works or not.

20. Bundle stuff – for example books, magazines, rolls of gift wrap and assorted greeting cards etc…. can be tied with twine in groups of 3-4.

21. If you have a lot of clothes to sell think about posting a sign that says $5 for what you can fit in a bag – or something like that.

22. Play music – people generally stay longer.

23. Make it a cash only sale – checks are risky.

24. Arrange like items together to make it easier for shoppers.

25. Place the items you think are going to be your best sellers in the front of the driveway or yard to entice your customers.



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