Local author’s book makes great graduation gift

As students move on to college, they sometimes prepare for living on their own for the first time with lots of new supplies and decoration for their dorm room. They pick up new textbooks, notebooks and pens. And parents hope they have prepared their children to take on the world. Local author Vesna M. Bailey wrote “Notes for My Daughter-Before You Leave” and “Notes for My Son-
Before You Leave.” She will be at After the Rain, a gift shop in Milford, on Friday, April 15 to sign her book and answer questions about the topic.

Cindy Landry, mother and owner of After the Rain, came upon the book from a a publisher friend who was looking for Landry’s opinion on what type of stores might carry the book. Landry read the first page and knew she wanted to carry the book in her shop.

“It’s a love letter to your child. Truly, you open the book and she’s got this beautiful paragraph about what you would say to your child as they are leaving you home and starting their lives,” Landry said. The children might not be heading off to college, but also for the next step in their lives. “It’s beautiful advice that she has written for your children that is priceless. It’s a book you want to sit in a cozy chair and cry while you read it. I’ve never seen a book touch people the way this book as touched people.”

The book is filled with quotes, advice and black-and-white photos that illustrates the topic. It has been available in Canada for several years, but is new to the United States market.

Located in the heart of Milford, Landry describes After the Rain as a very eclectic, eco-friendly store. There organic baby supplies, recycled glass jewelry, work of Michigan artists and other gifts.

Bailey will be at After the Rain from 2-6 p.m. on Friday, April 15. After the Rain is located at 409 N. Main Street in downtown Milford. For more information, visit the After the Rain Facebook page. For information on the books, visit the Notes Before You Go website.
Detroit Mommies Expert Contributor
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