This weekend my daughter was invited to a party at JOANN’s craft store.  I didn’t even know they had parties at JOANN’s and I’m thinking about having my daughter’s birthday, who had a birthday in the cold month of December, at JOANN’s because the party was so much fun!

When we got to the party room it was all set up for about 8 kids to do a craft.  The craft was a pony that the party girls got to paint and decorate with glitter and rhinestones.  My daughter is four, so her pony ended up purple with glitter and rhinestones.

Then, after the craft was cleaned up the kids ate pizza, the birthday girl opened her presents and then it was decorate your own cupcake time.  What a fun hands-on party idea!

I grabbed a brochure and the pricing starts at $125 for a party of up to eight kids.  That includes the party room, instructor, project supplies, clean-up and invitations.  Sounds like a great deal to me!

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