Clearly one of the most constant themes in feminism.

I find this sort of ironic. Looking at feminism, we see it’s the ability for women to be empowered and have equal rights and speak out to keep it fair. They are to stand up in a man-dominated world and keep things real. Yet there is Girl who is the exact opposite of a feminists really. She lets all of these men walk all over her: Buster, Guy, Rex and later, Jeff. She doesn’t stand up to anyone. Maybe it’s to keep her job, maybe it’s just her nature, but while Girl calls herself a feminist, she certain isn’t a strong one.

There are almost three levels of feminist women in this book. They girls at the college who participate in the focus group, who are feminist in the sense that they are female. There are hardworking, real feminists who want to make a difference, like Julia.

I’m not to the end of the book quite yet, but I hope that we see Girl step up a little more and assert her independence.

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