Get ready for Halloween and enjoy spooky fun and Halloween activities at Haunted Hallows, from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. on Sept. 25 at Groveland Oaks County Park.

“This really is the most exciting weekend of the year. Kids always have so much fun,” Parks Supervisor Boyd Brokenshaw said. “It’s a great opportunity to enjoy family-friendly Halloween activities in the beautiful weather.”

The event features camper and pet costume contests; witch cackling contests; campground trick-or-treating; and a community campfire with spooky stories.

Visitors can also enjoy an Island of Terror, face painting, craft making, bike parades, puppet shows and inflatables.

Groveland Oaks Campground offers seven-day camping through Sept. 26 with group camping areas; four– and six–person cabins; modern restrooms and showers; and concessions. The campground also features fishing; pedalboating; children’s playscape; 18-hole mini golf course; hiking trail; skate park; court games; and more.

A 2010 Annual Vehicle Permit or daily park pass is required for park entry.

Telephone reservations are now being accepted for cabins and 48 select campsites. Reservation must include, at a minimum, both Friday and Saturday nights. To reserve a campsite in advance, contact 248-634-9811.

Groveland Oaks County Park is located at 14555 Dixie Highway in Holly.

For details, maps and more, visit

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