Local students set reading records as participants in the 2010 Reading Ranger Program offered by Oakland County Parks and Recreation in March, which is National Reading Month.

This year, 14,082 students from 210 schools and home school groups participated in the program, up from 12,475 in 2009. Students read a total of 5,528,000 pages.

Clifford H. Smart Middle School in Commerce Township had the greatest participation with 596 readers.

“We had great participation because students were able to choose books that interest them and that are at their reading level,” Louise Schneberger, program coordinator and seventh-grade language arts teacher, said. “Clifford H. Smart also offers classroom libraries and supportive staff to encourage reading, as well as a reading workshop and opportunities for students to discuss books with others in class.”

More than half the school, which includes grades 6 – 8, participated in the program.

“The program was a pleasure,” Schneberger said. “It was so nice to see students excited to read and to be able to reward them with something they enjoy.”

Students and program coordinators were each awarded a free entry pass to Red Oaks or Waterford Oaks waterpark.

For information about the 2011 Reading Ranger Program, contact Rachel Boyd at 248-975-9717 or boydr@oakgov.com.

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