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Pei Wei is offering 25% off any entree with a non-perishable food donation on Wednesday, December 2, 2009 ONLY! Grab a box of mac n’ cheese or a can of soup and RUN, yes, R U N to the nearest Pei Wei for your discount! Giving back to your community has never tasted better.

To find the nearest Pei Wei location click HERE. Want to “become a fan” of Pei Wei on facebook? Then do so right HERE

I admit, those mad lettuce wraps haunt me on a regular basis. Now I have a Holiday Food Drive to entice me even sooner! Join me in a GREAT “cause”.

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14 years ago

I love the lettuce wraps! Thanks for posting this!

14 years ago

Their prices are already affordable and the food is SOOO good! I’m there!