Teach Kids the Art of Spending with Money Savvy Pig

These days kids have lost sight of what money is because more and more we are pulling out a plastic card to pay for purchases.

Just the other day, after paying for some groceries, my daughter surprisingly looks up at me and asks, “Mom, you didn’t have to pay?” I quickly explained how a debit card works and how the card tells the bank to take money from our bank account and give it to the store. I think she understood, but I’m not 100% sure.

The Money Savvy Pig is a great tool to use to teach children how to save money for the different wants, needs and desires they have. There are four sections to the pig bank. One for saving, one for spending, one for donating and one for investing. I already use the best trading app to invest money so I think it’s great that there’s a similar, child-friendly version too and it means I can pass on all of the tips I’ve learned over the years. The Money Savvy Pig also comes with goal stickers that have pictures of items your child might be saving for and blank stickers that your child can draw on to represent what they are saving for to buy. It also comes with a booklet full of money saving information to help guide your child to their goal.

This is not your traditional piggy bank. The Money Savvy Pig is clear, so you have the visual aspect of seeing how much is actually there and it is sectioned off, so if your child is working very hard to raise money for a trip or gift for a friend, they can put a majority of the money into one section and less into the others.

This is a great gift idea for children as young as age 3!

Disclosure: The Money Savvy Pig was provided for review. The opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone and are not influenced in any way by anyone.

Courtney Lawless

Courtney is the traveling mom! She has 3 girls and is the founder of Detroit Mommies and currently lives in Florida. You can follow her on Twitter @courtneyRVL.

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