When to Keep Children Home From School


This is a hard one because we are always told one thing or another about when to do this and when to do that, but today I got these guidelines from my daughters pre-school on when to keep a child home from school and I breath a sigh of relief because now I have some type of guideline to go by when deciding whether or not to keep my child home when she is sick.

Fever: A normal tempreture is 98.6 F, orally (99.6 rectally).  A fever means there is an infection.  Infections can be spread to others.  Make sure the fever is gone before returning your child to school.

Rash: Keep your child home unless you are sure the rash is an allergic rash, like poison ivy.  A rash is a sign of many diseases that can spread easily.

Vomiting: Throwing up doesn’t happen to a healthy child.  Be sure your child has not thrown up for a full 24 hours before returning them to school.  Your child should be able to keep down clear liquids and a light meal.  After a few hours, if your child is still able to eat, they should be fine to return to school.

Runny Nose: If the mucus runs clear, this could be due to allergies.  If the mucus is thick and yellow, green or brown, there could be an infection.  The child should be kept home until the infection clears.

Cough: If a cough lingers or is deep, you should consider it to be contagious.  Your child should be kept home.

Sore throat: If your child has a fever, cough, or a runny nose with a thick discharge and a sore throat, they should stay home.

Reddened eyes: If your child has a thick white drainage coming from the eyes, they should see a physician and be kept home until the treatment has begun.

Courtney is the ultimate multitasking mom!  She runs  three blogs Giftfully Simple, The Digital Mommy and Detroit Mommies , is a Social Media Marketing Consultant and has 3 girls under 6 years old.  Courtney is the founder of Detroit Mommies.  You can follow her on Twitter @theappleofmyeye.  She has worked with companies like Johnsons & Johnsons, Dove, e.l.f., Stride Rite, Sorel, 20th Century Fox, The Palace, Melissa & Doug, Panera and Tiny Prints (to name a few).  Courtney is a Purex® Insider and a Max Mom for Office Max.

Courtney Lawless

Courtney is the traveling mom! She has 3 girls and is the founder of Detroit Mommies and currently lives in Florida. You can follow her on Twitter @courtneyRVL.

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