ABC has turned around their humdrum past with two new shows that left me laughing hysterically!

Cougar Town, staring Courtney Cox as Jules Cobb, is about a middle aged divorced mother that’s on the prowl. She’s a 40 something living out her 20’s all over again. The show is hilarious and has been added to my TiVo line-up for the Fall season.

It’s always fun to see life on the other side and Courtney Cox was the perfect pick for this roll!

Here’s a sneak peak at Cougar Town:

Modern Family is one of those shows that you wonder how they are getting away with the things they say.

It’s about three families.

Jay is a 50 something that married a much younger, very hot Columbian wife. She has a pre-teen son that is a little overly passionate Don Juan like writing love letters, dressing in silk shirts and being preoccupied with girls instead of sports.

Claire is Jay’s daughter who is married to Phill with 3 kids. Phil tries to be “cool” with the kids and makes the biggest idiot of himself in the process.

Mitchell is Jay’s son who gay and lives with his partner Cameron. They recently adoped an adorable Vietnamese baby girl (Lily) and when introducing her into the family, Cameron walks out holding her in the air wearing a silk brocade robe and plays the song “Circle of Life” from the Lion King.

I could not stop laughing at this show and actually watched it twice, laughing just as hard the second time!

Here’s a peak at Modern Family:

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