Bummis Diapering Kit

6 months ago I gave birth to my third child and 2 weeks ago I used a cloth diaper for the very first time. You may wonder why I hadn’t used non-disposable diapers with my first two children and why I decided to with my third.

The biggest reason that I didn’t use cloth diapers with my first two children was due to lack of education. I was the first in my circle of friends to be a Mom and had no idea that the “new and improved” diapers existed. So, as I bow my head in shame…I confess that I’ve been a disposable diapering Mom for 6 years! I’ve been contributing to landfills and feel terrible.

I switched for the environment. I look at my children and then look at the trash when disposing of it and all I can think of is by the time my children are my age, 30 something:), there is going to be so much trash that I wonder where they are going to put it all??

I have slowly found ways to reduce the amount of trash that goes into my garbage cans. We have invested in a water filter for our tap and stopped buying water bottles to consume at home, we separate and recycle EVERYTHING and I am now using diapers from Bummis to diaper my 3rd child.

Here is another confession…once I did start to educate myself on the vas amount of new and improved cloth diapers, I became overwhelmed with the fact that I didn’t know what to buy and how many to buy. Thank you Bummis for taking out the guess work and putting together a ‘Starter Kit’, so that Moms like me can now be involved in the cloth diapering movement and not be scared anymore.

The cloth diapering kit I received had everything one needs to cloth diaper. There are two kits to chose from, the Infant size box (8-15 lbs) and the Baby size box (15-30 lbs). I received the Baby size box that came with 18 organic cotton prefold diapers, 4 really cute covers, 1 roll of Bio-Soft Liners (100 sheets), 5 reusable stay dry liners and a huge Wet Bag to store soiled diapers between washes. The diapering kit also came with an instruction booklet that explains how to use the contents of the kit (along with helpful tips) and how to wash the soiled diapers and what type of detergent to use (even brands they recommend). Basically, this booklet is your cloth diapering bible.

I’m in love with the Bummis diaper kit and am so happy that I was able to have the opportunity to try out this diapering kit because, honestly if I hadn’t, I would have never switched in fear of not knowing where to start.

This would be the perfect baby shower gift for the new (or experienced) Mom wanting to cloth diaper her baby. I’m extremely happy (if you can’t tell) with this product and highly recommend it. I plan on ordering more of the darling diaper covers and continue to use Bummis diapers until my youngest is potty trained.

Courtney Lawless

Courtney is the traveling mom! She has 3 girls and is the founder of Detroit Mommies and currently lives in Florida. You can follow her on Twitter @courtneyRVL.

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