I remember being in junior high and taking a novel my elementry aged sister had written to my English teacher.  I took it to her to see what she thought of it and after reading the partially written novel, she asked me who wrote it.  After telling her my younger sister was the author, she replied by saying that her writing was at a high school level.

My sister had never taken any formal writing classes.  Here skills were picked up from hours of reading…her favorite pastime.

If you have a child that is showing an interest in reading and/or writing, there is an excellent summer program ready to help them become better writers through exploration and discovery.

As part of its youth and community programs activities, the local National Writing Project site, OU’s Meadow Brook Writing Project, in partnership with the Meadow Brook Hall and Gardens, is hosting summer writing camps in the historic carriage house on the grounds of Meadow Brook Hall and Gardens at Oakland University. Children entering kindergarten through 6th grade will explore the halls and grounds while they collect, nurture, polish, and publish their writing in an anthology to be published on the web. Campers will discover cool insects, plants, and flowers at one of America’s grandest castles, and will take daily excursions into the gardens and hall for inspiration to write poetry, fantasy, mystery, and historical fiction. Youth writing camps at Meadow Brook Hall and Gardens offer young writers a chance to practice writer’s workshop in a relaxed, camp setting and includes a daily tea with lemonade and cookies.

The The National Writing Project(NWP) is a professional development network that serves teachers of writing at all grade levels, primary through university, and in all subjects. The mission of the NWP is to improve student achievement by improving the teaching and practice of writing in the nation’s schools. Many writing project sites provide opportunities for young people through after-school, summer, and school-year programs as part of their youth and community programs.

For camp pricing and registration go (here)

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