I asked my friend Michelle who lives in Rochester and works in Birmingham as a Licensed Esthetician to write a guest review on Beyond Juice because she is always raving about the downtown Rochester eatery. She writes an entertaining blog about skin care and offers free advice and tips on how to obtain GREAT SKIN. She loves and is passionate about entertaining, educating and motivating her readers.



Located at the corner of Letica and Maine Street right in downtown Rochester, you’ll find an inviting atmosphere of “perky” pastel colors and friendly, smiling faces waiting to “serve” you. 

Beyond Juice has a splendid selection of Salads, Sandwiches, Confections and “Meals in a Cup”.   

Let me tell you all about these “Meals in a Cup”. Each meal (disguised as a smoothie) fulfills the daily vitamin and mineral requirements set by the USDA. Only 100% Pure Fresh Fruit is used and contains their own “Basic Blend Formula” which consists of more fiber than a bowl of 100% bran cereal, meets 2/3 of your daily fruit & vegetable servings, has NO cholesterol and less than 1 gram of fat! Beyond Believable? Not at Beyond Juice!  

It’s so hard to pick a favorite here, but I must give the “Greek Salad” an honorable mention because it was the BEST one I have ever had! It was made fresh right before my eyes and the portion was oh so generous ; } Mmm mmm mmm. 

My 8 year old, Mary, loves the Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich from the “Kids” menu which has definitely become her favorite along with the “Yogurt Delight” (with added strawberries) “Meal in a Cup”.  As a mother, I don’t have to stress about anything she orders because I know it’s healthy and she wouldn’t dare waste a bite.  

We also quickly nibble through the teasing sliver of lemon poppy seed bread that comes with every order.  I refuse to buy a loaf because I don’t trust myself being alone with something that taste THAT GOOD!  No way!  Just another thing to look forward to when I choose Beyond Juice for any meal. 

Beyond Juice also has a TV and free WiFi for your convenience and entertainment. If your lucky enough to live so close to frequent this delightful place, please do so, your body will thank you! 



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