2 chix
About a year ago, I was doing research on maternity t’s and asked all of my “mommy friends” what their favorite brand of maternity t’s were. More than one mom said that 2 Chix maternity t’s were their favorite hands down because they can be worn throughout the entire pregnancy and beyond.

With that said and since these moms are the ones I go to when I need opinions or advice on products, I decided to order a tee from 2 Chix.

I love my 2 Chix tee and wore it throughout my pregnancy with my 3rd daughter and still wear it now. Not sure if I’ll wear it out in public once I finally reach my goal weight, but it will forever be in my closet and used as a nightshirt for sure!

2 Chix t’s usually run about $38, but right now they are having a sale on their imperfect t’s and tanks and are selling them for $19. When I bought mine, I purchased one of the imperfect t’s because there is no way I am spending $38 on a maternity tee. Since purchasing and wearing my 2 Chix tee, I think I’d actually pay the $38 because of the fact that these tee’s are AWESOME and can be worn at all stages of a mother’s life.

Anyway, if you are preggers or know someone who is then send them over to 2 Chix to take advantage of this sale… they won’t be disappointed. Oh, and as for the imperfection…I haven’t found it yet!

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