I believe laughter is a gift and to be able to make people laugh is also a gift.
They say that laughter is good for your health. It can lower your blood pressure, increase vascular flow, and boost the immune system. It gives the diaphragm, abdominal, respiratory accessory, and facial muscles a complete workout. So, I guess that sitting in front of the TV, watching a comedy is actually a good thing!
One of my favorite comedians is Jay Leno. I love watching The Tonight Show because it a great way to end the day…especially a stressful day! I’m even more impressed with Jay Leno after hearing about his “comedy stimulus plan” that he has decided to start of in Detroit, MI.
“I just started in Detroit because, obviously, I’m a big fan of the automotive field,” Leno said today during a break before taping “The Tonight Show.”
“All these men and women who are getting laid off, it’s not their fault. They’re making a good product. They’re working hard. It’s just the idea that most people don’t have an entertainment dollar.”
His first show will be at the Palace of Auburn Hills and will be FREE! He has also gotten Pepsi to provide FREE drinks to the show goers and there will be FREE parking provided by the Palace.
“I like Detroit, and between the Lions and the mayor being in jail, it’s been a rough year, so people can use a few laughs,” Leno quipped.
I just think this is so wonderful of Jay Leno to offer his talent of being able to make people laugh to add some comic relief to such trying economic times!
photo by EVAN AGOSTINI/Associated Press
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