The Lion King – back in 3D!

I recently had the opportunity to catch the premiere of this classic movie in 3D.  I was not disappointed! The 3D effects were fabulous, especially in the opening scene. The 3D made the movie so much more fun to watch than the original version – in my opinion.  During the movie I thought I was going to be stepped on by elephant, hit in the head by a flying bird and drenched in a rain storm.  The two seven year old that were with me got a real work out by ducking in their chair and reaching out to grab things coming their way.

This movie is packed with great musical numbers that had us dancing in our seats – one of our favorites was “Just Can’t Wait to Be King”.  The characters all have perfectly matched voices:  James Earl Jones as Mufasa – the Lion King and Whoopie Goldberg as one of the deplorable laughing hyenas just to name a few.  The main story line is of Simba, the young cub, growing into adulthood and trying to find his place in the circle of life.  We enjoyed the movie from beginning to end.

I really got a kick out of Timon (the meerkat) and Pumbaa (the warthog) – their happy go lucky way of life referred to as “Hakuna Matata” is a nice offset to some of the darker parts of the movie.

The re-release of the 1994 Lion King is coming to theatres on September 16, 2011 for two weeks only.  The much anticipated home release will be on October 4th.  The movie is rated G and is a Walt Disney Picture and Home Entertainment production.

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