Sesame Street Live Brings ‘Elmo’s Green Thumb’ to Town

It might be snowing in Detroit but Sesame Street brings the warm and sunny weather to the Fox Theatre in Detroit Friday, Jan. 29 through Monday, Feb. 15 as “Elmo’s Green Thumb” takes to the stage.

The live stage show stars Sesame Street’s little, red monster Elmo and his sunflower friend Sunny. Elmo is trying to find a new home for his friend, who has outgrown her flower pot. After deciding on Big Bird’s garden is the perfect place for his plant, Elmo’s friend Abby Cadabby place a spell on Sunny to help her grow. The problem is, the spell makes Elmo, Zoe and Telly shrink. While they wait for Zoe to straighten out the mess, the explore Big Bird’s garden and learn lessons in patience, overcoming fears and appreciating the creatures in our ecosystem.

“Elmo’s Green Thumb” features many musical selections including the popular “Ladybug Picnic,” “Inch by Inch” and “I Love Trash.”

Tickets for the shows start at $10. Morning, day and evening performances are available. Detroit Public Television is also offering family ticket packages and meet and greet opportunities for donations on its web site,

Rebecca Thomas of Harrison Township is always working to strike the right balance with her full-time job and freelance writing, husband and two little girls. She also runs the Web site Unexpected Smiles trying to find ways to bring smiles to anyone she can.

Courtney Lawless

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