We had the pleasure to attend the premier of THE MUPPETS, which opens just in time for Thanksgiving on November 23, 2011.


Kermit takes the lead along with Miss Piggy, Walter, Fozzy Bear and many, many more Muppets, along with Gary (Jason Segel) and Mary (Amy Adams) in this entertaining movie.  The movie starts off with Walter, Gary and Mary heading out on a road trip to LA.   On their list of must see’s, is visiting the Muppets Theatre. Upon their arrival they are shocked to find the Muppet Theatre broken down and closed up. The wheels start turning and soon the trio hook up with Kermit to head out across the country and the big pond to try and bring all the Muppets back together in an attempt to save the old Theatre.

The movie is a 1970-80’s flashback with Tab, New Coke and a dial-up modem all making quick cameo appearances.  There are many funny scenes for both adults and kids.  The movie also does a great job or re-introducing The Muppets to the younger generation.  While I could have done without some of the musical performances by Segel and Adams, the Muppets Telethon Show near the end of the movie was really good.

If you’re looking for some good entertainment over the holidays – check out THE MUPPETS, some of the music will have you dancing in your seat.  This movie is a Walt Disney Picture that’s rated PG.

Disclosure: I was given tickets to attend a pre-screening of the movie.  All opinions are my own and not influenced by anyone or anything.



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