We call them “sugar bugs”.  You may call them something else like invisible nasties, but they are imaginary bugs that cause cavities in my kids teeth and we fight to keep them away.

The movie theater is a culprit for “sugar bugs”.  Going to go see Cars 2, Harry Potter or Transformers?  Then, listen up!  I have two valuable tips for you!

Tip #1

Before heading out to catch those summer blockbusters, Delta Dental offers these tips to keep a healthy mouth:

  • Have a nutritious meal or snack prior to going to the movies to avoid overindulgence.
  • Avoid long-lasting hard candies that cause an acid attack on the teeth the entire time they are in the mouth and for another 20 minutes after they have melted.
  • Avoid gummy or sticky treats that may uproot fillings and damage dental work.
  • Be careful of unpopped popcorn kernels; they may chip a tooth.
  • Opt out of a super-sized soft drink – not only will you avoid dozens of tablespoons of sugar but you won’t have to miss the best parts of the movie by taking a trip to the bathroom.

Tip #2

Purchase your tickets using Fandango!  Not only will  save precious time from not having to stand in line to purchase tickets, but they are giving free downloads with purchases of tickets!  Saweet!

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